Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Theme by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO Theme There isn’t a free version of Stallion Responsive, there’s a Demo version which is free to download and use from Demo mode is fully functional (it’s the same zip file those who pay use) other than all Stallion theme main options reset roughly every 500 pageviews.

500 pageviews is enough time to test Stallion Responsive, but not enough to use it for free, all your options will reset randomly.

If you wish to use Stallion Responsive long term you’ll have to buy a license or accept it’s going to reset randomly (roughly every 500 pageviews). If you don’t have a problem with running in demo mode, feel free to use as long as you like, but it’s far from ideal, the demo mode resets to many SEO options turned off, so you are going to have to setup Stallion over and over again (could be several times a day: it’s random, could be 1 pageview or 2,000 pageviews, will average ~500 over time).