Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Theme by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO Theme Stallion 7.1 update is live and should be available to update under your WordPress Dashboards. Will be writing a post about this on the mailing list tomorrow.

Also uploaded a free example Stallion Child Theme, the example child theme adds no new colours etc… just a framework for developers and those who customize their installs with custom images etc… I’ll be installing a child theme on all my WordPress sites so the Timthumb.php cache folder is located within the child theme folder not /stallion-seo-theme/, by doing this I won’t have to set the write permission via FTP every time I run the theme updater (on many sites have to login using FTP after the update and change permissions AGAIN).

Stallion Child Themes

Stallion 7.1 is running on this site now, already started to use the new override layout, colour scheme settings which is why this post has the 410px right sidebar layout and the Stallion Black colour scheme and the Orange Flower header image.