Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Theme by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO Theme Stallion version 7.1 is almost ready, just started the testing process on live sites to iron out any issues that don’t present themselves on a localhost install, assuming no problems (or they are easily fixed) just a matter of creating a Stallion 7.1 zip file so should be days away from release :-)

Stallion 7.1 is another big feature update, full child theme support (will be releasing an example child theme soon) is the most important new feature.

There’s many other new features including the ability to set a layout, colour scheme, header image sets and if ads should be shown on every post and page (simple case of editing a post or page and select a layout etc… for that page/post).

Stallion is of course installed on this site and the main setup is

Right single 310px sidebar, Stallion Delicate Colour Scheme, a custom header image, 2001 headers disabled and no ads are enabled (AdSense, Chitika and Clickbank is off).

On the page you are on now I have Right single 410px sidebar, Stallion Black Colour Scheme, the Orange Flower header image since 2001 header images and ads are disabled on this site the other two options have no impact.

Look around the site and when I’ve had the time to edit more posts many more will use different layouts, colours, images etc… pretty cool feature.