Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Theme by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO Theme The banner image resizes based on screen size already?

That site doesn’t show all features (can’t turn them all on) all images resize based on screen size, the featured slideshow, the photonav menu, the large and small banner images.

If you are checking in a browser (resizing to various widths) for some stuff to resize refresh the page after resizing. I also use ‘static responsive’ CSS code rather than fluid (fluid not possible with the SEO layout Stallion uses) which means it’s responsive at specific screen widths (the 12 most used device widths: vast majority of devices).

All the potential options:

The ability to enable/disable:
Show Post Tags
Show Post Author Credit and make it a link or not
Show Post Category
Show Posted Date

Are already part of the Stallion SEO Theme as sitewide settings (see the Layout Options) other than the category, though you can hide the entire date area on posts which hides the category links. nice idea to add the author name without a link option. The vast majority of options in the Stallion SEO Theme are also in Stallion Responsive, removed a few options that aren’t needed in the new code, but no big features removed.