Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin by SEO Dave.

Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin I removed all my plugins (four of them) including the Stallion plugin from the repository, see:

There’s nothing wrong with the code and I still plan to develop them further and as you can read above if the old plugin repository version ever became a security issue I’ll post an update to the WordPress support forum (the support forums still exist, see the link above).

The reason for removing my plugins…

The Display Widgets plugin (which I created a better forked version) was sold to a new developer.

I informed the plugin repository that the new developer of the Display Widgets plugin was breaking at least two repository rules.

WordPress deleted the Display Widgets plugin twice from the repository, see: and

Had I not interceded the new developer could have tracked the visitor data of up to 200,000 WordPress sites without the permission of the site owners or the site visitors (that’s illegal).

Eventually the new developer made enough changes to pass the basic rules of keeping a plugin in the repository: basically a plugin can do almost anything that’s not malicious as long as the plugin users are informed.

Now the new developer can only track visitors when the site owner activates a feature (I would guess few WordPress users will activate it), though the sites with it active will have their site visitors tracked without the permission of the visitors!

I asked a question about the Display Widget plugin tracking MY user data without MY permission (I’m legally entitled to request that information and the only contact info I had was the support forum), see:

This was enough to get a moderator warning!

Apparently a person affected by a WordPress plugin in the repository can’t ask why their data is being tracked etc…!!!

The Display Widgets developer was a dick and posted which I responded to.

Few days later my posts are unfairly moderated on the WordPress forum!

I can’t work under that scenario so removed my plugins from the repository and have no plans to add them back.

Although I didn’t ask for the moderation to be lifted, when I emailed WordPress to have my plugins removed I explained why and it was confirmed I deserved the moderation (which is total bull!). Though interestingly after removing the plugins and posting three forum posts stating why the plugin are gone the moderation of my posts was lifted:

Future plans…

My original plan was to add over a dozen new SEO plugins to the free plugin repository to build a following to support other projects, but that plan is out the window now. Not easy to build a large following for a free plugin outside the repository.

Will probably go premium plugins for everything now, so there’s a good chance version 3.0.0 of the Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin is the last free version.

Shame really, as the next update (worth of v4.0.0) uses Yoast and All In One SEO title tag data etc… making it better than Yoast/All In One SEO in terms of SEO output. Was planning to build a bunch of free plugins that work together to provide the sort of features only found in the Stallion Responsive Theme that would work for any theme.