Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin by Nigel.

Stallion SEO PluginHi David.
Please excuse my ignorance but I’m struggling with this.

A colleague recently ran a free wesite auditreport for me using SEO Powersuite Website Auditor. Quite a lot for me to get to grips with, some of which I understand, some not quite so!!

One that has been reported though is duplicate rel=canonical statements which are generated by a)Project Supremacy SEO plugin, (that I use to manage my on page projects) and b)Stallion WordPress SEO plugin (that I place great faith in).

Not only are there duplicate rel=canonical statements for the page but they also point to two different pages.

All the pages have been created by the site owner, as an author. Example page:

PS line code:

Stallion line code:

In Project Supremacy there is an option to insert a canonical page. If I leave it blank it defaults to the page that you are creating, in this case blog post why-am-i-not-losing-weight.

Stallion WordPress SEO plugin inserts the homepage as a default.

So couple of questions:-

1. Is it dangerous to have duplicate different rel=canonical statements from different plugins (this assumes the same page to redirect to).

2. Can you advise how I should address the above please so I can amend the other pages.

I may need to revert to the Project Supremacy guys but before I do I’d appreciate your input please so I can explain my issue to them with a degree of knowledge (that I’m clearly missing).

Thank you in advance.