Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin by Kim Kaiser.

Stallion SEO PluginHi David, great work. I too fell into SEO, by growing up in a corporate science environment where a week in the lab was always as good as an hour in the library. Man, I must be a dinosaur but I had to learn how to do all this before indexes were computerized.

So many folks are worried about getting indexed by search engines when the exact opposite is true. Depending on where you are hosted, your content may be snatched up INSTANTLY and indexed. This, alas, is the fate of so many WordPress sites. There is little or no strategy for SEO and as soon as a page is published (and many don’t understand the setting for discouraging search engines) Google picks it up, looks at it, sees crap and puts it in the “visit again in a few months or maybe never” basket. So then you install some plugin, maybe as an afterthought, and start keywording away. Then you fire the SEO people and hire someone else who promises more.

Thank you for providing solid advice with technical and experience to back up that advice. Nice to be able to take things to the next level.