Comment on Cloak Affiliate Links Tutorial by SEO Dave.

Link Cloaking PHP Script Checked your website and the cloak script appears to be working as expected on the affiliate links with rel=”nofollow” attributes added by WPRobot.

The links that lack nofollow attributes won’t be converted to cloaked links. This will happen if a WPRobot module or one of your WPRobot templates isn’t adding a nofollow attribute to all affiliate links.

Unfortunately since WPRobot plugin content to WordPress is just another WordPress post there’s no way for Stallion to know if a link within a WPRobot autoblogged post is affiliate or a link you’ve added to a ‘normal’ WordPress post: you don’t want all links sitewide cloaked!

The assumption is if a link is rel=”nofollow” it’s either an affiliate link (cloak it), a link added to a comment by a user (maybe SPAM: cloak it: there’s a Stallion option to remove nofollow from comments, basically have a do follow blog) or you’ve manually added a rel=”nofollow” to a link in a normal post (or comment) and want it clocked by Stallion.