Comment on Cloak Affiliate Links Tutorial by SEO Dave.

Link Cloaking PHP Script If you ask a question in a comment which I respond to and you don’t get it, but weeks later ask the same question on another page (or another site of mine) do you expect a different answer?

I’m not counting how many times you’ve done this, but it’s at least 4 times and it is wasting my time. You asked about an error with a wpec_magic_template plugin, solved the problem, you responded to the answer saying you’d solved it, then weeks later asked the same question again???

If you do not understand instructions don’t ask pretty much the same question in another comment on another page, respond to my comment and explain what you tried and what went wrong. At the bottom of every comment there’s a link “Reply to Comment”, click it when your next comment is asking a question/follow up to a previous comment (the comments become threaded).

You do not need a redirection script to use link cloaking. Use the first example code on the link cloaking page and it will work for a Clickbank affiliate link.

<span class="affst" title="tests" id="">Stallion Theme</span>

Replace with the affiliate link and replace Stallion Theme with the text you want for the link. That’s it, very easy to do.

If you lack the skills to do a simple copy and paste of that sort of code you are not ready for installing a PHP redirection script and integrate it into Stallion which takes theme file editing as described in the tutorial.

If what you are trying to do is stop wasting link benefit on affiliate links the basic link cloaking code is all you need.

The simple redirection script is the CCount script, the download link is on the page I linked to and you linked to (no idea how you aren’t seeing it: “Script name: CCount – click and download counter”). You can use pretty much any redirection script, that’s one example.