Comment on Cloak Affiliate Links Tutorial by SueBee Weiss.

Link Cloaking PHP Script Okay Okay my head is swimming. I have been following you on this subject ….only after following the “all in one seo” bantor, and just erased a paragraph and will replace it with -WOW!

The real reason I am here is to clarify: Cloaking should be done for affiliate sites only, true? (So as not to ruffle google feathers). So my internal links and my links to other sites that are not affiliate sites can be left alone correct? I am asking because if a bot catches a link to another site, did i just send it away to not return and finish the crawling of my own site? Does the bot follow all internal links out or just take it into consideration and continue within my own site? Sorry if this sounds silly but a girls gotta know these things! :) Thanks for taking the time.