Comment on Cloak Affiliate Links Tutorial by SEO Dave.

Link Cloaking PHP Script After posting the comment above had a thought.

If you aren’t using the Stallion link cloaking script for anything else you could break it so the Stallion affiliate link code isn’t converted to a clickable link by the javascript.

The result would be all Massive Passive Profits links would turn into non clickable text and images (for the Amazon buy now image links will just be an image).

In the /stallion-seo-theme/ folder edit the file test.js and delete it’s contents (turn it into a blank file).

Not tested the above, but 99% sure it will leave you with all links created by Massive Passive Profits plugin becoming plain text that if you hover over a tool-tip with the word “tests” will appear.

This will mean you can’t use the link cloaking feature for other links on the site as you’ll have broken it.