Comment on Cloak Affiliate Links Tutorial by SEO Dave.

Link Cloaking PHP Script There are three lines of code in the test.js file

case 'tests': theURL = ''; break;
case 'testing': theURL = ''; break;
case 'testing2': theURL = ''; break;

Looks like I was looking at another version of the test.js file when I copied the code. So yes test2 should have been testing2 (will edit the tutorial later).

The first line is for the redirection free link cloaking (doesn’t need a Php script) and the automated link cloaking built into the Massive Passive Profits plugin addon part of Stallion. So ideally you wouldn’t touch that line.

The other two lines are examples and can be changed (as described in the tutorial) or deleted if you don’t use them. Doesn’t really matter which one you change as long as you match it to the link code.

If you change the “testing” line in the test.js file and then use the “testing2” link code in your posts it won’t work. You can change testing2 etc… to anything you like as long as the string of text you use in the test.js file matches the link code (the title=”testing2″ bit). I’d suggest getting an example link working with the default code then change testing/testing2 to whatever you like.

When I update Stallion you would make sure you don’t overwrite the test.js file.

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