Comment on Cloak Affiliate Links Tutorial by Nigel Hanwell.

Link Cloaking PHP Script Hi David.

Am just trying to set up affiliate links for cloaking following your tutorial. Awesome stuff.

When I come to change the “tests.js” file your tutorial mentions change the line that starts with “case ‘tests2’: etc etc

When I look at ‘tests.js’ I see a line that says ‘testing2’ etc like this: (there’s actually a ‘testing’ line of code as well

case ‘testing2’: theURL = ‘’; break;

I’m guessing that this is the line but I just wanted to double check.

And just to confirm, having set up my first ID using ccount for Vipre Homepage the actual code that I’ll put into my page would be as follows:

“span class=”affst title=”testing2″ id=”1″>Vipre Homepage”

Would that be correct David?

Presumaly there’s no easy way to change the “testing2” without changing lots of other code is there?

Incidentally will I have to set this all up again when you release future updates of Stallion?

And finally re Shareasale datafeeds. I started to sign up so I could get auto link cloaking but then checked the pricing. It is $550 to join isn’t it?

Thanks in advance