Comment on SEO Super Comments WordPress Plugin by Erik.

WordPress Blog SEO Comments Hi Dave, helpful stuff as always. A couple of questions came to mind that may be relevant for anyone wondering how to optimize comment titles.

1- Reading your advice on editing comment titles above, do you think that bad comment titles could actually hurt SERPs under this new setup? I have over 35,000 comments on one of my sites, and going through them all would be a big project. I know there are a lot of poor titles or non-existent titles in many cases. But maybe I should do so at least for my most important pages…trying to figure out a strategy to best address this.

2- Should every comment have a title, or just the longer ones (for instance, the 400-character minimum Super Comment-level comments)? My site gets quite a few meaty comments, but also there is a lot of back and forth banter which helps the community going, but these are one-line comments such as someone just saying thank you to another reader. It seems sort of overkill to assign a title to those small comments, but just curious what you think.

It’s good to hear that replicating some comment titles is okay, I agree that would be tough to come up with that many unique ones.