Comment on SEO Super Comments WordPress Plugin by SEO Dave.

WordPress Blog SEO Comments The “Comment On” text (which can be changed/deleted on the language options page) has no SEO value, there to add some context to the link back to the main post.

For this posts super SEO comments the anchor text for the link back to the main post is “SEO Super Comments WordPress Plugin” which is the “All In One SEO Title” set under the edit Post screen. The Hikari Comment Titles are used to link TO the super comments (not from). So look like you’ve mixed up what is used for the links.

I did consider linking back to the main post with the comment titles, though it would vary the anchor text to the posts a LOT (which would be great SEO wise) from a whitehat SEO perspective (think manual Google reviews) it would be pushing it: ideally links TO something should include relevant anchor text about what the link goes TO, not FROM.

The All In One SEO Title content should be your main title SERP, it’s also used as the title tag for the main post, so is VERY important.

For a highly commented site it’s enhancing the main SERP by linking back with the main title for a post as the anchor text.


Edit: realised you meant the actual comments on the posts not the super comments (the super comments also use the “Comments On” text). As above for the actual text, just to add context. Regarding the anchor text using the comment title: these are links to the same page the link is on with an anchor (#comment-34605) to the exact permalink for the comment, permalink for this comment:

Stallion SEO Super Comments WordPress Plugin

From a whitehat perspective using the comment title is fine, the comment is about what the anchor text is and SEO wise it’s awesome having all the varied anchor text even though it’s on the page it’s linked to (it counts).

Really confusing trying to explain this :-)