Comment on SEO Super Comments WordPress Plugin by Erik.

WordPress Blog SEO Comments Dave just a question on a minor aspect of the Hikari Title Comments feature. I like this new feature you’ve added Stallion Responsive which uses the comment title as the anchor text for the link back to the page (rather than just the post title repeated). It seems like that should generate a great variety of anchor text rather than having it be all the same.

My question is on the words which precede that link, “Comment on [comment title]”. Is “Comment on” necessary to include? Can I just leave this blank in Stallion Responsive Language Options, so that the comment title stands alone? Any adverse effects to doing this?

Doesn’t seem like a big deal either way, but I think it might confuse an occasional reader sometimes if it says “Comment on” and then every comment has a different title (of course as you know that used to just be the post title so I guess it was clearer for people, but then again you’re getting a ton of links using that repeated anchor text).