Comment on SEO Super Comments WordPress Plugin by Mark.

WordPress Blog SEO Comments Stallions super comments might help if there is an active community cranking out comments that create relevant pages about a current buzz.

I did have a news plugin one of my sites and google seemed to like it but took it off as I was afraid it might be too spammy.

# Olav Kolbu creates a few of these. I allowed descriptions to appear in the widget, then Google picked it up and I ranked on a number of SERP for various term. But I pulled the plugin as I do not know if Google would like that. Maybe if it was an original news source like Reuters, I wonder if this can be tweeked in anyway to have some SEO value that is not spammy?

However from my early reading of this Google is not looking for old pages updated but new pages created, which brings me back to super comments and drawing more people into the conversation, whatever that might be for the day.