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WordPress Popular Posts Widget Options If you aren’t running a WordPress security plugin could be your webhost has security features (Apache mod_security module for example) that’s stopping the Timthumb.php script from generating thumbnails.

Try contacting your host and ask is there’s anything in the hosting package which could stop this URL working?


Explain to them the timthumb.php script should generate files under


Which you have set to 777 permission for full access and no files are generated in that file. If they get it working try putting the /cache/ folder back to 755 as it’s more secure.

You should also check your error log files for any errors, there might be an error message that will tell you what the cause is.

My guess would be something like your .htaccess has some security rules to prevent hacking or could be related to the Apache mod_security module and the Timthumb URLs are tripping a security filter.

If it is, get them to fix it.

I don’t think this is the issue, but you could try editing



define ('ALLOW_EXTERNAL', false);

Change false to true.



and add your domain name below, so it looks like this:


I read for some hosts even though you are loading images from your domain the absolute path is an issue and you have to set Timthumb as if it’s contacting another domain.

If this doesn’t work you can change it back.

I use a WordPress mapped domain setup for some sites (run 20+ domains on one WordPress install) and have to make this change for those sites.

There’s nothing else left to suggest, not had this issue and your the first to have this issue and report it here. Next step would be go to the Timthumb.php site and ask for advice. Like I said, I didn’t develop Timthumb.php, just use it for thumbnails, so not a Timthumb script expert.