Comment on SEO Recent Posts WordPress Widget by SEO Dave.

WordPress Popular Posts Widget Options Have you turned the thumbnail images feature on under “Stallion Theme” >> “Colour Options” : “Thumbnails” – “Auto and Featured Thumbnails ON**” or “Featured Thumbnails Only ON”

And settings below?

If you don’t have it turned on, it won’t work.

Did you follow the advice on the main “Stallion Theme” options page section “New To Stallion, Fast Setup Instructions” regarding running the SEO Defaults? If you followed this advice the two SEO features you didn’t have turned on would have been on and you wouldn’t be struggling to set Stallion Responsive options now.

Sounds like you have kept the default settings which have a LOT of Stallion features disabled. The first activation defaults are safe settings, highly unlikely anything would break or mess up, but the SEO defaults are what your starting point should be not stick with the defaults.

On an unrelated note: Looks like you might have to set your /cache/ folder permissions so the thumbnails on your Popular Posts widget etc… work.

You’ll need to log into your site using an FTP program like Filezilla and go to


And change the /cache/ folder permissions to 755 or 777 (try 755 first, more secure). Which will work will be based on your server settings, some run with 755 others need the less secure 777.

If after changing permissions the thumbnails still don’t work go inside /cache/ and delete all the files (you might find a couple of files). This forces the thumbnails to be rebuilt by the Timthumb script immediately upon loading a webpage.

Stallion Responsive looks for the Stallion Thumbnail image first, if one isn’t found will look for a WordPress Featured image. If you always set a Stallion Thumbnail image you don’t need a WordPress Featured Image as well.

I never set a featured image, Stallion doesn’t need one, it’s a Stallion feature for those who have a site where they have used the Featured Image with another WordPress theme so Stallion will use it if a Stallion Thumbnail isn’t set. Lot’s of themes use the featured image, so Stallion can be up and running using old settings from other themes.