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WordPress SEO Recent and Popular Posts WidgetI have checked Stallion 6.2 on mobile devices and it looks OK, but it’s not mobile optimized.

There’s various checks to make a theme mobile optimized and Stallion 6.2 (like most WordPress themes) currently fails some of the checks (especially on bandwidth issues).

That doesn’t mean Stallion doesn’t work on a mobile device, means it’s not ideal which is what needs improving in an update.

There’s a LOT going on with Stallion and I doubt I’ll be able to fully optimize every Stallion feature for mobile devices, but as I understand it the idea is to basically give a cut down version of the content that’s still appealing.

Even after I better mobile device optimize Stallion using a mobile plugin that outputs a mobile device optimized theme could still be a better choice. For mobile devices you can strip out SEO features as it’s all about what it looks like and how fast it loads. This is what I need to look into, not sure yet.


Update: Stallion Responsive v8 is fully mobile responsive.