Comment on SEO Recent Posts WordPress Widget by SEO Dave.

WordPress Popular Posts Widget Options As I mentioned in my last comment to you my main PC almost died and my old backup PC was also playing up so wasn’t offering any non-urgent theme support until after a new PC arrived and the setting up a tabbed widget isn’t an urgent support request, so ignored it.

Got a new PC today, so almost back up and running.

Regarding a WordPress Tabbed Widget I’ve looked into creating one in the past, but the ones I looked at for inspiration (been over a year since looking) used javascript (seemed bloated for what it did = SEO performance hit) and since that uses extra resources which can have a negative impact on speed/performance which Google takes into account in rankings (see their Google PageSpeed Insights Tool) it’s not something I’d add to Stallion Responsive just for a tabbed widget feature: can’t think of any SEO or other value to it beyond it looking clean/nice.

If you search Google for “WordPress Tabbed Widget” there’s various tutorials how to make tabbed widgets and there’s a free WordPress Tabbed Widget Plugin in the WordPress Plugin Repository, took a quick look at the code and within the files are two javascript files and a CSS file which I assume are loaded at the front end and they total around 9KB file size.

That seems a lot of javascript and CSS for a little widget feature. Personally I wouldn’t install a Widget plugin that requires two javascript and one CSS file loading due to the performance hit.

Would also be a relatively difficult task to incorporate tabbed widget capabilities to the Stallion Responsive SEO Posts Widget (the Stallion widget that creates Popular, Recent posts etc…) which have VERY important Hummingbird SEO features built in I wouldn’t recommend loosing for a tabbed widget. The Stallion Responsive SEO widgets are really important to how I SEO a site, you would be giving up a lot of inbuilt SEO if you used a tabbed widget plugin instead.