Comment on Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Theme by SEO Dave.

Stallion WordPress SEO Package Hope you like the Google SEO Panda Buster title for this comment :-)

Got the concept described in the earlier comment working with the Stallion Category with Icons Widget.

Not fully coded yet, but have working code, in Stallion 8.0 there will be new options under the Posts >> Categories menu where like with the Stallion All In One SEO Keyphrases you can add multiple related keyphrases to a post/page you’ll be able to add multiple category keyphrases.

The keyphrases when added will be used by the Stallion Category with Icons Widget and possibly other parts of Stallion, the codes a little tricky, not figured it all out yet: might even be able to add an extra text form to add some content in the middle of the category archives so the categories could have some text at the top (WordPress core category description) and some in the middle or bottom.

Will work as follows, create a category or edit a category and add a few related keyphrases something like this:

Category Title – Search Engine Optimization
Category Keyphrase 1 – SEO Optimization
Category Keyphrase 2 – SEO Articles
Not decided on the number of phrases yet, unlikely to go above 4 (same as Stallion All In One SEO Keyphrases).

The Stallion Category with Icons Widget will output different anchor text and alt text (the image icon associated with the category link includes an alt attribute). It’s not fully coded yet, so not decided how exactly to use it but could be on

The home page the anchor text is Category Title, alt text Category Keyphrase 1
Categories the anchor text is Keyphrase 2, alt text Category Title
Posts the anchor text is Keyphrase 1, alt text Keyphrase 2
Pages the anchor text is Keyphrase 2, alt text Keyphrase 1

Just writing this down indicates I’m going to need at least 4 keyphrases (min original category title and 3 keyphrases) to be able to make the anchor and alt text unique over the different page types.

This will really mash up the anchor text and alt text of the internal links to categories which will significantly lower the duplicate anchor text footprint of internal links. Since the Google Panda updates are looking closer at the anchor text of links this should help make links to categories less duplicate and more natural allowing for more incoming backlinks to categories with the preferred keyphrase(s). Basically if every internal link has the same anchor/alt text you ideally need to mix up your incoming links anchor text more than we had to a year ago. This Stallion SEO feature will reduce the number of identical anchor/alt text internal links which might just help with how the Google Panda updates work when the algo looks at all links to a page (internal and external sources).

Although this concept is already possible with the Stallion SEO Posts Widget by creating several copies of the same widget and setting the keyphrases different for each widget and setting each widget to be hidden/load on certain pages I’m going to see if I can add this option into the widget as well (Stallion users should already be using the Stallion SEO Posts widget at least twice on every site) so we can add a widget once and Stallion automatically mixes the anchor text and alt text used because most users wouldn’t have this level of SEO understanding to create two identical widgets as described above. I’m using this feature on this site with the Stallion Popular Articles widget (created from a Stallion SEO Posts widget), check the three categories sections of this site and note the thumbnail set and the alt/anchor text of one of the categories is different to the other two. I’ve made two Popular Posts widgets and have them shown on different pages, half the site loads one, other half the other, one set uses a money thumbnail set and Stallion All In One keyphrase 1 and 2 and the other a business thumbnail set and All In One Title Tag and Stallion All In One keyphrase 3. Pain to manage though, want to make it easier.