Comment on Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Theme by Mark.

Stallion WordPress SEO Package Agreed. I enjoy replying to comments and it generates a lot of traffic for me if well written, and even if not, on long-term keywords, with the use of your theme.

It is almost like a socratic form of content generation where the questions and probing by visitors pulls out a deeper level of ideas I would not have seen with my own internal dialogue.

Maybe this is too SEOy but would have a category widget that rotates page links or has a list of alink (remember that old plugin) type keywords it could randomly choose anchor text, so all anchor text is not the same?

So if you have 20 categories. The widget would display 3 categories for each page and it would rotate the 3 chosen for different pages, with your home page displaying all. This way the pages are unique and but PR or google juice is spread out.

The anchor text or category titles could be based an a keyword list. So if your category was ‘WordPress SEO theme settings’ You could input (WP SEO setup, WordPress search engine optimization tutorial, WP set up for Stallion to optimize ranking) Or something like that. If there is different anchor text maybe it would help.

Why am I thinking this way?

Some, but not all my sites have decreased in traffic with each google algorithm update. I am trying to look at why this might be so and a common denominator many people say is simple too template looking. I personally think the onsite factors are pretty good. They can be improved but has more to do with how Google treats links.

I think, Sergey Brin said before these updates something to the effect he wanted to get back to the way google started ranking quality sites (for me that translates to links (votes)) and Matt Cutts in a recent video said links are still before social factors, maybe way in the future it will change, So I am thinking links but the way google sees links. Varried anchor text with a natural feel might help.