Comment on Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Theme by Erik.

Stallion WordPress SEO Package Hi Dave, WOW this reply is brilliant, thanks for taking the time. You answered a number of questions and brought clarity to some issues I’d wondered about.

The categories advice is very useful, at the time I created them I felt it might be stuffing “Amish” too much so left that out of the category title. I’m wondering if I change these to your suggestions or sth similar, would it be best to leave the url the same as it was, or also change the url to reflect the new category name?

As for “Confident Horse”, point well taken. My philosophy is actually not 100% of post titles being SEO keyword focused but the occasional post like this just an off-the-cuff natural sounding title, especially since I’m posting every day (more interesting and less robotic for both readers and myself). But 80-90% of my posts I do try to write what I think are decent keyword titles (ie this week’s “Amish Maple Syrup” or “Hicksville Ohio Amish community”).

This actually brings up a related question to the one I asked above, if I were to go back and change old post titles to something more keyword-focused, whether to also change the urls as well. I realize that might break some links which creates its own issues so wondering if it’s worth it.

You’re right I’ve been needing to update to latest Stallion–I tweak the theme’s CSS some so I’ve been putting it off. Upside is I get a little bit more customized appearance, downside is updating is not as automatic for me :)

I’m not sure if this is best but I think my new approach is to have just 1 category and 1 (maximum 2) tags each. I used to use a lot of tags but realizing that is just creating another link maybe a minimal approach is better.

And very cool idea on the customized category widget, I guess your list keeps getting longer! ;)

Thanks again,