Comment on Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Theme by SEO Dave.

Stallion WordPress SEO Package The Most Recent 25 Comments Page is created using a Stallion Page Template.

Create a static Page (not a post) and select the “Most Recent 25 Comments” Page Template.

Add nothing to the Pages main content form, give a title something like “Latest 25 Comment Discussions” and link to it from somewhere, I added the link on the right sidebar as a Text Widget with some styling like this:

<p class="align-center"><a href=""><strong>Latest 25 Comment Discussions</strong></a></p>

I put this text widget underneath the Stallion Recent SEO Comments widget so it looked like it was part of the comment widget. And it looks like this Stallion Responsive Theme Recent Comments.

The most commented post widget is a plugin called the Most Popular Posts Widget free from (needs an update) I don’t use it on this site as use this site as a demo of Stallion features and Stallion plugins, use it on my other sites that have a fair number of comments.

Added a new Stallion feature today, in Stallion 6.3 the static Page templates concept will work for Posts as well, this will mean posts can have different formats like no Ads, no sidebars, all sorts of layouts etc…