Comment on Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Theme by SEO Dave.

Stallion WordPress SEO Package I received your email, but didn’t respond because you’d not gone to the effort (and still haven’t) to do basic research like going to this sites home page which at the top states:

Stallion Responsive is currently not available to purchase and I have no plans to release any new updates. I’m afraid the time taken on updates vs money from selling a single theme isn’t worth the investment (in time) managing. Stallion Responsive today (November 2017) is still by far the best WordPress SEO package available, so current users will be fine for at a least a year.

I get LOTS of emails like yours and if the person hasn’t performed basic research first I tend not to respond.

I have no plans to release another Stallion theme update, 8.4 is the last public release. Future SEO products I create will only be available to a select few: my SEO clients as part of the service.

1. I posted update information at and the question has been answered multiple times about the value of updating via comments on this site. If you decide to update there should be an update option under your Dashboard.

2. Core SEO doesn’t change that much, most of my SEO Tutorials are still relevant. Since I’ve restarted my SEO consulting service (I’m an SEO consultant again) I’m creating new SEO tutorial content at my SEO Gold Site.

3. Yes I still make money.

4. Google search is your friend, there’s loads about AI online, if you are serious about offering SEO services in the future (as your email suggests) you should be able to research this using Google and be able to find multiple sides to the debate about AI.