Comment on Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Theme by SEO Dave.

Stallion WordPress SEO Package As you know when I do updates it tends to be everything and the kitchen sink added to Stallion Responsive, so you’ll be missing some major feature updates. Since 8.2.2 there’s been three updates and that’s a LOT of changes, I completely rebuilt the color scheme system to make customization easier, last update I added 70 new color schemes for example. See for some of the updates.

My wife and I are trying out a new career path, children’s picture book authors, though getting a literary agent has proved problematic (major issue for most wannabe authors). We are thinking about skipping the middleman (agents/publishers) and go straight to Kickstarter for funding, have to be in almost finished product territory for that route. I had some free time late last year so started work on a big theme update, but sales of Stallion Responsive have slowed down** to a point it’s not really worth my time to sell it anymore.

Takes a LOT of time to update, so put it on hold to work on an important project in December and only just finished the project.

** Think the problem is a combination of premium WordPress SEO themes being a tiny highly competitive niche (most users think an SEO plugin is the be all and end all of WordPress SEO) and Stallion is too complex for the average user. To cover all the important SEO features it takes a LOT of options (hundreds of them) and users tend not to like that level of complexity (it’s more like a developer tool than a theme).

In hindsight would have made more sense to create a couple of dozen SEO plugins that work well together with a core SEO theme than one huge SEO theme with everything in it. For example I built the Display Widgets SEO Plus Plugin last year and that’s based on one relatively small Stallion Responsive feature (based on an old plugin). Also started pulling some of the SEO code out of the theme to push it into the Stallion SEO Plugin which will work with any theme and if I finished all my plans would be significantly better than Yoast and All In One SEO Plugins.

So might start ‘converting’ the Stallion Responsive features it into small SEO plugins like the Display Widgets SEO Plus Plugin.

Don’t know yet :-)