Comment on Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Theme by SEO Dave.

Stallion WordPress SEO Package Hey Eric, hope things are going well.

I’m not familiar with the WP Rocket Caching Plugin (premium product) mainly as I use W3 Total Cache.

I can’t think of anything obvious that would cause an issue, all the Stallion Responsive mobile responsive features are CSS based (standard stuff). The view port is set in the head of the HTML code and the basic CSS for desktop output and additional mobile responsive CSS (in the mobile.css file) for anything below 800px wide (there’s around a dozen device sizes set in the mobile.css file).

I don’t know how the WP Rocket plugin works, as long as it can handle multiple theme CSS files** it shouldn’t cause issues.

** Stallion Responsive doesn’t use the standard single style.css file, it has one CSS file for the layout CSS, one for the fonts, one for the color CSS and one for mobile CSS rules. This allows selecting from 12 layout CSS files, 26 font CSS files, 110 color CSS files and the one mobile CSS file allowing for over 35,000 combinations (more if the user creates their own custom CSS files). The idea is to combine all the selected ones into one CSS file using a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache. BTW I think you’ll be missing many of the color schemes in the version of Stallion Responsive you are using (well worth an update :-)).

According to WP Rocket does do something different with mobile devices. Stallion Responsive is designed so there’s no need to do anything different on any device, Stallion is designed to serve the same content over all device sizes: WordPress core/browsers do the rest. For Stallion Responsive sites ideally any caching plugin would create one cache and server it to every device.

I don’t have enough information to be sure, but I think the options:

Enable caching for mobile devices : tick
Create a caching file for mobile visitors : don’t tick

Should work, but without testing I can’t be sure.

Let me know if you’ve tried that setup.

I use W3 Total Cache and there’s options that don’t work well, because Stallion Responsive can serve a different set of CSS files on a Post by Post basis (every post can use a different layout/font/color combination, ~35,000 in total) W3 Total Cache should cache a different combined CSS file for any Post that has a different combination. I’ve found in the latest versions of W3 Total Cache the cached CSS file is using a messed up GZIPPED version of the CSS file if a particular W3 Total Cache option is set AND I use the CDN option (no idea why, had to turn the CDN option off). Caching is a complicated subject :-)