Comment on Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Theme by Erik.

Stallion WordPress SEO Package Hi Dave,

I love the lazy load feature, I found that it really boosted my results in speed metrics tests. However after using it awhile I’ve discovered one thing about it that is making me reconsider it.

The problem arises with jump links. I find that in most cases when I have a jump link that takes a visitor down the page below an image which has not yet loaded, the jump link lands the visitor at the appropriate spot on the page, but then the image or images above that spot on the page load, and immediately jerk the page so that the user is not where he should be (the user ends up below the jump link destination, so they inevitably have to scroll up to find the content section they were after–if they even realize to do that).

So essentially when I’m running Rocket lazy load, jump links don’t function as they should. Might there be a tweak that would prevent this jumping? I would be willing to trade off a bit of speed for that functionality.

I use jump links on a number of important pages on my site (as I suspect a number of sites today do), and have considered simply disabling lazy load for those pages, but I’d prefer not to sacrifice the performance benefits since they get a good bit of traffic.



P.S. A belated thanks, for the reply to my question above about the different Stallion versions.