Comment on Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Theme by SEO Dave.

Stallion WordPress SEO Package The Stallion Responsive license is unlimited domains you own, so yes one off $40 for your entire network. If you sell a site with Stallion on, you need to buy a separate license.

Stallion Responsive is a theme not a plugin, so it should work with current plugins used. That being said the Yoast SEO plugin has some issues, they didn’t make it possible to disable some Yoast features so it’s best not to use Yoast with Stallion Responsive.

SEO is SEO, so as long as you’ve been following good SEO advice there shouldn’t be much change needed. What Stallion mostly does is protect your hard earned link benefit (avoids wasting it) and has features that add extra SEO to a site. For example with Stallion you can make comments create their own pages that Google will index: this comment will be indexed with an SEO’d title tag, internal links etc… similar to a WordPress post. If you use silo SEO, Stallion can make it much easier to achieve silos using posts and categories (many silo plugins expect you to use static pages). There’s loads of optional features like the SEO comments and the silo SEO, you don’t have to use them.

Stallion can use the SEO data you’ve added via Yoast, so the time you’ve spent adding Yoast title tags, meta descriptions etc… doesn’t need to be repeated. Unlike your current theme, Stallion will use your Yoast title tags for internal links as well.

Slight tangent: I built Stallion to be able out the box to use the Yoast SEO data and/or the All In One SEO plugin data (don’t like those SEO plugins, but they are popular) without having to convert the data with a plugin (tick a box and it works). Stallion also includes 4 additional keyphrases, these are like the Yoast title tag, but used for internal links and other parts of the theme output: see the phrase “Leave a reply to Stallion Responsive SEO Theme” above the comment form, that’s one of the 4 keyphrases: it’s automated on-site SEO.

The 4 Stallion keyphrase along with the Yoast or All In One SEO title tags can also be used for some of the widget links, the Popular Articles widget uses 6 different keyphraes (Post title, Yoast or All In One title, 4 Stallion keyphrases, that’s 6), which is used depends on the type of page you are on. What you see on a single post (like this page) is different to what you see on the homepage or a category etc…

It’s a complex setup and you don’t have to use them and the user doesn’t have to fully understand it to benefit. If just a post title is set, that’s used, if a Yoast or All In One title tag is set that might be used (depends on settings), if 1 or more of the 4 keyphrases are set they might be used (depends on settings). So you could have 6 phrases used as internal anchor text instead of just the post title (or “Continue Reading” for some non-SEO themes).

Out the box you would have the post title and the Yoast title tags, with a few settings your Yoast title tags can be used for most of the internal links (few minutes to setup) which if you’ve set them different to your post titles could add additional SEO benefit.

If you want to test before buying download the full zip files (they are on this pages main content) and run in demo mode, you’ll see all the options etc… available with the full theme, only difference is the main options pages reset roughly every 500 pageviews. If you like what you see, buy a license and turn demo mode off. If not all you’ve lost is time testing.