Comment on Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Theme by Brian Hillier.

Stallion WordPress SEO Package I have a number of websites, the main one being a site about Quick and Friendly Loans which uses the Strategy Theme and I also have been using Yoast SEO (sorry for all the bad words :)).

I have read a lot of info on forums that you have put on and I think I should really test what you say to see if it works (oh ye of little faith).

I would not be comfortable at this stage on changing the main website, but maybe I could try it on one of my other smaller websites perhaps.

Anyway, my questions at this stage are:

1. do I totally have to re-learn SEO writing, setup, etc. using your plugin or is it “similar”
2. is the $40 charge for one website or can it be used on more than one website?
3. do you think the “changeover” to your program would be fairly straight forward for my websites?

I am not technical at all, so any guidance would be appreciated.