Comment on Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Theme by Erik.

Stallion WordPress SEO Package Hi Dave,

Thanks for this latest update. You’re always working to improve this theme.

Question on compatibility with Child Theme version 8.0: For me, Child Theme 8.0 has worked fine with Stallion Responsive 8.1. However when I install Stallion Responsive 8.2.2 and run it with Child Theme 8.0, my “pages” all look okay, but my “posts” have an issue where the borders and most of the sidebars disappear, as does the footer area.

Is there anything that comes to mind that would be different between the pages and posts in the code in the latest version that might be causing that? Again, as far as I can tell, pages look fine, only posts have the problem.

I would just install Child Theme 8.2, but I’m hoping to keep things ultra-simple and just figure out if there’s a way to keep running on Child Theme 8.0 in conjunction with SR 8.2.2. I have made a lot of styling changes in different places throughout the theme (not just in the CSS file, where I put all changes at the bottom of the file as you recommend), so if there is a way to keep going on Child Theme 8.0 for now, it would work great for me.

Thanks again.