Comment on Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Theme by David.

Stallion WordPress SEO Package Hello Dave,
I updated my site with the Stallion Responsive update last week. My page insights results are now a little better, 89/100 for both mobile and desktop. Still not got around to doing that thing with my google ads yet to speed them up either.I did loose the google search option though. I also reclaimed my site in analitics / webmaster tools. I did change look to a single side bar instead of 2.
Strange thing is I used to have a ranking near top of google page 2 results for ‘south facing greenhouse’ but seems to have slumped to page 4 now. Wondering if this is just coincidental? Only realized when my last blog post didn’t seem to rank well, no where in the first 15 pages after 24 hours. Could it be google is just ‘re-evaluating’ my site? I know it was pinged as it shows on bloglovin.