Comment on Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Theme by SEO Dave.

Stallion WordPress SEO Package If your last update has been a while and you modified fonts manually (manually editing CSS files) you’ll probably have to start again with the modifications: not possible for me to explain how to make changes when I don’t know what you did.

Earlier this year I rebuilt the colour scheme/font scheme system to break them into two features which can be edited individually (this is edited via options pages, not manually editing CSS files, though you can go manual as well, but not a good idea as makes future updates a pain). Rather than having one colour/font scheme CSS file now there’s two, one for colours the other for fonts.

If you don’t already have two options on the Stallion Colour Options page where you can select a Font Scheme (26 fonts schemes) and a Colour Scheme (39 colour schemes) you are missing out on an important update.

This means we can modify a font scheme/colour scheme independently multiplying the number of combinations.

Also changed the font size significantly to take into account the newer Google mobile usability metrics. Earlier versions of Stallion Responsive had relatively small fonts, these are too small according to Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool so had to make them bigger, so you’ll probably see a big difference in font size after the update: this site is using Stallion Responsive 8.2.2 so you can see the new font sizes.

OK, to update.

The main Stallion Responsive Theme can be updated within WordPress under the Updates menu (you’ll see a theme update is available). If you find any blank Stallion Recent/Popular Posts widgets after an update go to Appearance >> Widgets and re-save those widgets: added new options to the Stallion SEO Posts widget and there’s no automated update for new widget options (clicking Save on the widget adds the missing options).

The Stallion Responsive Child Theme is a manual update using FTP, download the new child theme zip file (find the link in the main article at

Unzip the zip file (currently the child theme is version 8.2) and upload using FTP the folder /stallion-responsive-child/ to /wp-content/themes/.

Before making the update if you aren’t sure what modifications you made and you want to add them again after I suggest using FTP to download your current theme files before updating.

Using an FTP program go to /wp-content/themes/ and download the folders /stallion-responsive/ and /stallion-responsive-child/ this will mean you have a hard copy of modified files on your PC, so anything important can be re-added later.

As you can appreciate I don’t know what files you manually modified, so no idea how to maintain the modifications.