Comment on Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Theme by SEO Dave.

Stallion WordPress SEO Package This site runs Stallion Responsive as do:


Tend to use the same sort of layout, colours and settings (when you like something, tend to stick with it :-)) so doesn’t do full justice to Stallion’s options.

Have some test sites:

These will tend to look a mess because have lots of features turned on at the same time to test new colour schemes and that features interact correctly together (testing to breaking point).

On the verge of releasing Stallion Responsive 8.2 which will include a further ~50 override options, these are on a page by page basis override options.

This site for example has Gravatars active (see my Stallion horse avatar image), in 8.2 not only can Gravatars be turned on/off sitewide, they can be turned on/off one post at a time (this post could have Gravatars off, while the rest of the site shows them).

The overrides include the 12 layouts, the 40+ colour schemes (every post can use a different layout and/or colour scheme), each AdSense ad, the two different types of header areas, all the header images and banner images, whether a post should show the date it was published, comment dates, social media buttons and lots of other Stallion features.

When you create a post and think, this would work so much better if the AdSense ad floated to the left not the right or no ad at all or you don’t want the date on a post and it’s comments because though it’s old, the content is timeless and having old dates suggests out of date. With most WordPress themes you’d build a custom page template that lacked the date or the ad code… with Stallion Responsive 8.2 you Edit the post and tick a few boxes.

I’m testing Stallion Responsive 8.2 here and used the new override options to add a header image below the main header at see the 1000 px by 200px wide image near the top. It’s the only post on the site with an image there.

Yes, you can use the one Stallion Responsive license on all your WordPress sites.