Comment on Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Theme by SEO Dave.

Stallion WordPress SEO Package Had this same question by email a week or so ago.

That’s what it should do, it’s importing the best WordPress SEO options once, you don’t need to keep reimporting the same SEO options.

The option you set loads whatever options are in stallion_defaults_seo.php completely over writing what is currently in the WordPress database.

That’s all the files do, they quickly overwrite ALL the current options to what’s in the file, after that what’s in the WP database (the SEO options you just imported) are used by Stallion/WordPress not the options in the file (you could delete the file, not needed).

If the setting remained on

“Use My Default Settings File SEO Version : stallion_defaults_seo.php”

Everytime you saved the main Stallion options page everything would be again read from the stallion_defaults_seo.php file overwriting any settings you further modified manually (the normal way clicking options on/off etc…) and you’d be complaining all your manual changes are being reset :-)

The idea is you can add your preferred Stallion Responsive settings (your AdSense pub number, Twitter name etc…) to one or more of the files for all your domains, load them and modify the options further the normal way.

The options added via stallion_defaults_seo.php after you click save will only be changed if you manually change them (clicking an option on/off etc… on an options page) or you change the contents of the file and you run the “Use My Default Settings File SEO Version : stallion_defaults_seo.php” again.

This way if you own 20 domains you can create one stallion_defaults_seo.php file for them all, import the settings to each domain and make minor options changes for each domain: each domain will need unique Google Analytics code for example (assuming you use Google Analytics) or a different colour scheme, but the main options you’ll probably want the same.

Once you have a set of basic options you like it saves a lot of time (that’s why I added the feature, I own 100+ domains: few clicks I’m done), run the file, change a few specific options for each domain: I manually add Google Analytics for each domain, set a different colour scheme, but don’t have to change 99% of Stallion Responsive options from the SEO defaults after running the option.

I use Stallion Responsive on a lot of sites, so when I find myself spending hours doing the same thing over and over again for different domains I try to create a solution to automate.

So it’s working as it should.