Comment on Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Theme by SEO Dave.

Stallion WordPress SEO Package Since users sites have to contact my server to check if there’s an update available, in my log files I can track down all domains that have checked if there’s an update and when that check is made it lists the Stallion Responsive version.

Can also search the logs for a specific Stallion Responsive ID as well, so can manually compare the two results.

Since you have your ID running on multiple domains I don’t know which one is the issue domain.

I can see multiple domains you own are contacting the update check feature (but not all have), an example is your Ipad Guide site which I assume is still running v8.0 (last update check it was 8.0).

Is there an update available for that domain? There should be.

If you run all your domains with the same host and not all are showing an update yet could be WordPress hasn’t checked for an update while you are logged in.

The feature is hooked into the WordPress update check with an only run when a user is logged in. Original script would check much more frequent which isn’t good for my server so changed it to only check when a user is logged in to reduce the load on my server.

I thought WordPress automatically checks for updates when a user is logged, after some checking I’m not sure that’s the case. To force a Stallion Responsive update check go to:

“Dashboard” > “Updates” : click “Check Again”

That will force WordPress to check for all updates and as you are logged in also check my server for a Stallion Responsive update.

Spent half an hour testing the feature and I found simply going to the updates page ran an update check as long as 1 minute had passed since the last WordPress update check. So don’t know why you haven’t seen an update after simply visiting the Updates page.