Comment on Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Theme by SEO Dave.

Stallion WordPress SEO Package Tested the download links for the main Stallion Responsive zip file and the Stallion Responsive Child theme zip file and they both work. So you should be able to download the zip file and install a demo site.

Checked in both Firefox and Google Chrome with no problems?

The new responsive theme is awesome, I’m testing out the new SEO features and see some good results, just have to check out the title tags of pages indexed on this site. Search Google for:


There’s over 400 pages indexed on this site and most are due to comments.

Do a Google search for the title tags (minus the name of the site “Stallion Responsive Theme” which Google appends to the end of search results) of some of the indexed pages with long tail keyword phrases. You’ll find the interesting results when you get a few pages deep (page 4+ of the Google site: search results) where you’ll find titles like:

AutoBlog Blueprint Course Review of Contents
Adding AdSense Responsive Ad Unit Beta to WordPress …
Whitehat SEO PageRank Sculpting …

These are pages that wouldn’t exist on this site if I used another WordPress theme, they are the output of the Stallion Responsive SEO Super Comments feature.

I’ve given this comment a long tail keyword phrase comment title:

Stallion Responsive WordPress Theme Demo Download

I’ve not covered SERPs like WordPress Theme Demo or WordPress Theme Download and related SERPs, so this comment might get some relevant rankings when spidered and indexed. When I did the long tail keyword phrase search just now the main article to the comment was my best result at number 4, after this comment is indexed either the main article or this comments SEO super Comment is likely to be number 1.

It’s all the Stallion Responsive Hummingbird SEO features working together. these features work so well I’ve been going through old comments on my sites SEOing the comment titles for long tail SERPs. I have 10s of thousands of comments so a lot of work, but worth it, the Google Hummingbird algorithm seems to like the Stallion SEO super comments.

David Law