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No other WordPress theme or plugin offers the SEO features built into the Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Theme and that’s guaranteed.

I’m that confident Stallion is the best WordPress SEO theme package, if anyone can find an SEO Theme/SEO Plugin combination that offers all Stallion SEO features plus just one more (yes, just one more) I’ll pay $5,000: go to any article on this site and write a comment describing how you built a WordPress SEO package that’s better than Stallion and claim your free $5,000.

If Stallion Responsive isn’t the Best WordPress SEO theme it’s an easy $5K.

WordPress SEO ThemeAt any time you can download Stallion Responsive for free via the large “Download Stallion Responsive” button on the left sidebar.

When ready to buy click the “Buy Stallion Responsive” button to go straight to PayPal to buy a Stallion Responsive license.

Monetary Value of SEO Advice

In 2013 top tech companies Samsung, Apple and Amazon’s revenue are in the billions.
Samsung: $200 billion plus
Apple: $170 billion plus
Amazon: ~$75 billion

How much money do you think businesses like Samsung, Apple and Amazon pay for SEO consulting services in a year?

How much is a search engine optimized WordPress site worth to you?

$100,000, $50,000, $20,000, $10,000, $1,000…

It costs a lot of money to create search engine optimized custom websites, when I offered SEO consulting services I charged a minimum $12,000 a year SEO retainer fee for basic SEO support by email: additional SEO services including modifying HTML code cost $175 an hour on top of the retainer fee: see the SEO Consultant Rates page from my old SEO Consultant Services site (used as a search engine optimization tutorial now).

SEO consultant services is a lucrative business, yet I no longer need to offer SEO services and make a profitable living through Internet marketing. Rather than spending time advising businesses how to search engine optimize their sites and make them lots of money, I own a network of sites running WordPress and the Stallion Responsive Theme package I developed using over 10 years of SEO business experience and make the money direct.

How Much Does Stallion Responsive Cost?

Had an SEO client asked for a package like Stallion Responsive to be built from scratch, it would have cost over $50,000: with the time I’ve put into development it’s worth far more than $50,000 IF only one SEO client had exclusive use.

Stallion wasn’t developed for one client, it was developed for my own use and I use it on over 100 domains, Stallion Responsive is worth around $5,000 per domain to my online business network.
Buy Stallion for 500 Dollars
What’s it worth to your online business?
You can buy the Stallion Responsive Theme package for a one off payment and use it on an unlimited number of your own domains, just like I do.

Not ready to buy, take a read of What is the Stallion Responsive Theme WordPress SEO Package? which includes details how the Stallion Responsive package can take your online business to the next level of search engine optimization.

WordPress SEO Tips

Not interested in the best SEO theme for WordPress, but looking for SEO tips and WordPress tutorials, see the growing 2014 WordPress SEO Tutorial Series, although there’s advice specific to Stallion Responsive theme users most of the SEO tips and tricks are applicable to other WordPress themes and plugins.

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

Are you a WordPress SEO by Yoast user, take a read of how the Yoast plugin can damage your sites SEO via nofollow and noindex usage and how the Free Stallion SEO plugin can replace those damaging SEO features.

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