Comment on Stallion Responsive Theme Fonts by SEO Dave.

Stallion Responsive Theme Fonts The Stallion Responsive Theme Fonts feature has been a really difficult feature to create, you’d think because adding fonts in a CSS file is easy and flexible (there’s so many ways to achieve a particular look) to create a feature would be easy, but the exact opposite was true!

I started with the premise whatever you could add directly into a CSS file should also work in an options page feature that adds CSS to a CSS file (it’s the same as adding it to a CSS file manually). So if I wanted to only change a font from say normal to bold it should be a simple case of add font: bold; (which is one way to make a font bold using CSS) to an option box and it will work. Unfortunately I found in practice it didn’t always work as expected because when you mix different CSS formats they won’t always override one another.

The solution was to ALWAYS use the same format and since I wanted each font controlled by one option each it had to be

font: font-style font-weight font-variant font-size/line-height font-family;


font: normal normal normal 100%/120% Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

So if you find yourself wanting to take shortcuts creating a new Stallion Responsive Colour Scheme CSS File I strongly recommend not changing the above format (it works). I’m sure there are plenty of other ways to achieve the same styling, but the above definitely works :-)

Really looking forward to releasing Stallion Responsive 8.0, it’s New Years Eve now and I keep finding little things to fix, like wasn’t happy with the social media like buttons, so changed them all and in the process added two new placements for the buttons (fixed at the top or bottom of page) and a way to like the home page and categories etc… plus now Stallion Super Comments pages are liked rather than the comments original post.