Comment on Stallion Responsive Theme Fonts by Carl Bradbrook.

Stallion Responsive Theme Fonts Hi David,

Thanks for replies on the other two questions.

I will go and post back to you in a couple of

With the CSS code I want to change the space between the paragraphs to give more white space to 40px which is the css name that I change for that please?

I have another theme I use called thesis classic and the settings have something called the Golden ratio and the text that it turns out is extremely more readable than any sites I have seen so I want to change all the css in stallion to the golden ratio.

Good link here to read about it and also it has a calculator to work out optimal font size, line height, and content width and characters per line.

This is what I worked out:


Font Size: 16 Line Height: 26 Content Width: 660 Approx. CPL: 94 Font:

Font Size: 16 Line Height: 23 Content Width: 310 Approx. CPL: 44 Font:

I have the css code if youd like to take a glance and make any suggestions as I think I have to change the space between a few other instance of css code

Many thanks and blessings!

Carl :-)