Comment on Stallion Responsive Theme Fonts by SEO Dave.

Stallion Responsive Theme Fonts I was doing an update and testing a new Stallion 7.1 feature and the Chameleon CSS Plugin (used to make the colour switcher) stopped the new feature working correctly, I disabled the plugin for the tests and it deleted the widget I’d built (stupid plugin)!

Stallion 7.1 (which is running on this site to test it) has the ability to set a different layout, colour scheme and other settings on each blog post/static page (the feature I was testing) and I plan to use that feature to show the different Stallion colours etc… that way rather than the plugin (so won’t be rebuilding the widget).

Every page can have a different colour scheme and/or layout.

Anyway, will have a think of how to replace the old colour switcher to show colour schemes.