Comment on Stallion Responsive WordPress Child Theme by SEO Dave.

Stallion Responsive Child Theme It’s a clash between two features on some setups (not 100% sure why).

The two features are:

“Promotion Options” : “Social Network Profile Links” any side option set to on.

This adds a floating set of Socila Media profile links, that’s the dark strip trying to load on the left of your test site (should be social media links).


“SEO Advanced Options” : “Stallion 404 Redirects” set to on.

The Social Media links are loaded in an iFrame (for SEO reasons) and dynamically loads the social media profile accounts added under the “Edit My Profile” page: one of the links in the top right of your Dashboard under the “Howdy Your Name” link.

The Stallion 404 Redirect feature soft 404 redirects any 404 error pages (missing webpages etc…) back to your home page to recover link benefit.

On some setups the social media dynamic webpage within the iFrame URL (which for your test site is is a 404 error page so is automatically redirecting to home (so your home page is loading in the small iFrame).

When the iFrame URL and the Stallion 404 Redirects ON features works together the iFrame URL looks like this (I have the floating social media links disabled on ths site, but the dynamic page still exists).

Have a possible fix:

The zip file contains 2 modified files, extract them and upload just the two files to


to replace the files “social.php” and “social-bio.php”.

If those don’t fix the clash the only other option is disable one of the features: if you have a site which doesn’t have a lot of 404 error pages disable the 404 redirect feature. That feature is for sites where a LOT of webpages have been deleted (or URLs changed) and you haven’t manually setup 301 redirects, basically a quick fix to recover lost link benefit.