Comment on Stallion Responsive WordPress Child Theme by SEO Dave.

Stallion Responsive Child Theme No idea since I don’t know what a sub nav menu is?

Is it a nav menu location by any chance, if so which one of the four?

Whatever you had working with Stallion Responsive 8.1 should work with 8.2 (child or parent theme).

Based on current support issues sounds like you’ve either made a mess with changing theme folder names or have uninstalled Stallion Responsive and reinstalled or reset all options. This would cause the issues you are reporting, it’s like installing Stallion for the first time, but you didn’t realise it’s installing for the first time and confused why options have changed.

A URL would help with this sort of support request, Stallion Responsive has over 1,000 options, there are four types of navigation menus which interact with two different header areas which have their own options. I don’t know which header area you are using (2001 or alternative), which navigation menu area you are dealing with of the 4 available…. And if you made a mess by changing folder names, if you did change folder names it needs fixing, Stallion Responsive won’t work correctly if it’s not under the folder /stallion-responsive/.