Comment on Squirrly WordPress SEO Review by SEO Dave.

Squirrly SEO Review For the record I’ve also given the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin a bad review and the author of Yoast wasn’t particularly happy about it.

Few issues I have with your Squirrly SEO Review.

1. You state it’s a new WordPress blog, if your blog is new how do you know any increase in search engine rankings and traffic are due to the Squirrly plugin?

If you had an old blog that were ranking poorly and you used Squirrly to add new content or to optimize the current content and the content started to rank better with no other SEO work (so you didn’t do anything else like gain backlinks or social media coverage) you could argue the plugin increased rankings.

2. Neither Yoast WordPress SEO or Squirrly SEO will have a major impact on Google indexing speed**. Google finds sites via backlinks and Squirrly has no impact on new backlinks, so how would it increase spidering speed?

**Yoast does include XML sitemap options and this could help Google find deeper content faster, won’t increase rankings though.

David Law