Comment on Squirrly WordPress SEO Review by SEO Dave.

Squirrly SEO Review Being easy to use does not mean it should be a WordPress plugin you use.

What are you trying to achieve using the Squirrly SEO Plugin?

If it’s add unique content to a website, Squirrly doesn’t offer this as an SEO feature.

If it’s add copied content that could get your site downgraded in Google since Google considers sites that have a lot of scraped content a negative ranking signal, Squirrly can do that really well.

I can’t think of a feature in Squirrly I’d want to use? Unless it was for a low quality throw away domain I was trying to add content to fast and expected Google to penalize long term. If that were my plan I’d use an autoblog plugin like WP Robot and just let that plugin do all the work until Google banned the domain: throw the domain away, start again… Rinse and repeat…