Comment on Social Media Marketing Tips by SEO Dave.

Twitter Marketing Tips I use a customised version of the SEO Super Comments WordPress plugin you’ve mentioned running on several highly commented sites (including this one) and it makes for a lot of extra indexed pages.

The Talian theme for me didn’t work out the box with the SEO Super Comments plugin so I had to make a fair amount of edits to the theme to get it working. I also made some significant improvements to the plugin, much better than the original plugin SEO wise. For example the title of a comment page uses the first X number of characters of the comment rather than the title of the page the comment is from: there’s not a lot of point having a highly commented page (say 100 comments) and then have those comments create 100 pages with the exact same title, which is how the original SEO Super Comments plugin works (I personally wouldn’t use the original).

When I get the time to create a Talian update I’ll be including my edited version of the plugin with the update.