Comment on Social Media Marketing Tips by Mark.

Twitter Marketing Tips Dave, to get a forum or social networking site going is something that is a mystery, but has a big payoff.
I actually worked briefly a few years back, for an acquaintance who has one of the largest dating site in Ireland. He knows nothing about SEO or websites, however, and it would suffice as to say he is all set.
This is because people keep coming to his site and creating content and using it. When it was started it was a real niche. They have launched smaller niche sites and they seem to do well.
The take away is a forum or community site must be niche.
In retrospect I think forums or social sites do better on a stand alone sites maybe?
I think the biggest problem is people do not want to register. I do not. I want to just leave a comment and move on. To get people to register is the real reason I think some forums do not do well. But if they do take off, it is better than a normal site.
I know a person that runs a niche forum and that is all he has to do. Is have his forum and he is all set. When I say all set this means really all set.
I know of a couple of guys that run a social networking site and they are all set.
How to get people to register and use a forum over and over is the real trick.
I think maybe it is having pages people find on organic search and they just leave a comment like a blog, no registration. So it is just like a blog, but they have the ability to create their own pages and topics.
I have two sites I am experimenting on myself.