Comment on Social Media Marketing Tips by SEO Dave.

Twitter Marketing Tips If you mean for the comments as you see them on the main posts page that would potentially add a LOT of code. Imagine a page with just 25 comments each comment will need to generate a set of like buttons for each social network, 25 times (so code for 75 buttons!!!) what is currently loaded on the main post pages!

There’s also an issue with having a unique URL for a visitor to like, if a person liked your comment for example it’s going to be associated with the like total of the main page because the best you’d get unique URL wise is the main URL plus #comment-id at the end which is the same URL. I have this unique URL issue with the home page and other archives and the Google + button, Google plus doesn’t have a variable for specifying a specific URL, it +s the URL the person is on when they click the button. So having a Google Plus button for ten archived posts on the home page will only Google Plus the home page not the individual posts. I’ve set Stallion so only the first post on archive pages has a Google Plus button, it won’t plus the actual post, will plus the home or archive page. A bit cheeky, but it was a way to easily add Google plus to the home page and archives without resorting to a widget :-) Hmm, wouldn’t be a bad idea to add a Google Plus button somewhere on the theme that shows for all pages (when Google Plus is on).

Back to comments :-) The social media buttons are loaded by default on the SEO Super Comments pages, so there is a way for users to like a specific comment. I have that turned on now, so if you view one of the SEO Super Comments you’ll see the buttons.

I’m very close to releasing Stallion 6.1, days maybe. Just solved a major issue with widgets, upgrading the Stallion widgets to use the latest widget code for future updates, will be able to add options to some of them, updating resulted in clearing all the GAT widgets off the sidebars after an upgrade!!! Thought I was going to either have to stick with the old code or have hundreds of irritated users complaining their widgets had all gone :-) Solved it an hour ago. Testing Stallion 6.1 on half a dozen sites so far and only minor issues to work out (mostly CSS stuff), which is a pleasant surprise with how much I’ve added.

BTW don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, I’ve added the second AdSense sidebar content widget back in (feature you liked from Talian) so you can disable the main widget and have two sidebar AdSense widgets now. Set the code so the extra AdSense widget won’t show if one of the other AdSense ads isn’t turned off, so no way to add 4 content widgets by mistake and break the AdSense TOS.