Had been using Server4you (dedicated server company) for a network of web sites hosting needs for a few years (this was around 2006) and at first it worked fine, but as traffic and the number of sites hosted on the unmanaged Server4you server grew (~150 sites including sub-domains) server hosting problems became a daily event.

Prior to dropping Server4you as a server company there were 25 support tickets within the Server4you control panel and many had been on going for months (not sure how I managed to keep going with this server company so long!).

Server4you Unmanaged Dedicated Server Review

I rented an unmanaged dedicated server with 512MB of RAM and 700GB monthly bandwidth, I never come close to using the monthly bandwidth Server4you supplies (99% of the content was text based so low bandwidth usage) but I later realized the 512MB of RAM was causing a bottleneck (which was apparently causing all our dedicated server problems!).
Server4you Dedicated Server Review

Unmanaged Dedicated Server = Little Server Support

I manage the dedicated server and I’m far from a dedicated server expert (basically learning what I need to know as I need it) so as problems developed with the server that I couldn’t solve I went to Server4you support for help.

Now the server is unmanaged which means when it comes to software issues it’s my responsibility to fix the problem. Hardware issues with the server are Server4you’s responsibility, for example at one point a HD was failing and so they eventually replaced it (took their sweet time about it) another time the server was over heating and so they added a fan!

Since I’m not a Apache server software expert when it comes to changing software on the server it’s a case of don’t change anything unless it’s needed (shouldn’t create problems then). This means the dedicated server software had barely changed since I managed to persuade them to switch boxes about a year ago (was after adding a fan didn’t work and I said new dedicated box or I leave). About the only thing I do is update Plesk when a new version is available.

Server4you Support Review

Server4you ReviewsSo if something goes wrong with the server software it isn’t because I screwed up. This has led me to believe any problems with the server are either hardware, bandwidth, DDOS i.e. not me :-) related.

The dedicated server was using under 50GB of bandwidth a month of the 700GB allotted by Server4you and so in my understanding of how dedicated servers work it shouldn’t be struggling as it is. The problem as I had to discover on my own with the help of various server forums is the hardware isn’t up to even 50GB of monthly bandwidth!!

I might have high expectations, but I don’t think it’s too much to ask of experienced server support to be able to determine that when RAM usage is max’d out at over 99% all the time (I didn’t realize that could cause problems with Apache, but not other areas of the server which is what I was experiencing) it’s going to cause intermittent server problems. But all I got from them is it’s not their problem, it’s an unmanaged server!

Server4you Support Staff Quotes

I am sorry, but we are selling unmanaged servers, which means what we do is provide hardware and OS installation, and after that you are on your own. We do take care and support things, such as OS that we have installed and Plesk.

Funny thing about this quote from Server4you is since I haven’t made any significant changes to the server software if Apache is part of the issue (the OS they installed) and the other problem is the lack of memory (hardware) doesn’t that mean they have a responsibility to offer support?

Wasn’t asking them to update software which would be part of a managed dedicated server hosting plan, but to determine the dedicated server they supplied wasn’t up to the task of hosting my websites!

So, at least the server was running and accessible via the network. This is where our responsibility vanishes. Rest things like proper server management, monitoring and acting upon software failures are up to you as we don’t provide the management service for our servers.

Well with that attitude towards helping paying customers I’d had enough and changed server companies.

David Law

Dedicated Server Company Reviews

Used a number of companies for dedicated servers between 2005 and 2016, here they are in chronological order. The last link is the review of the company I’m using in 2016.

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